Colorado Stories

Telling a few of Colorado's  'Colorful' stories.


This is a place to share some of the uniquely wonderful, and 'colorful' stories that could ONLY be born right here in Colorado. No, not everyone featured here is a native, but they all live here because Colorado offers them something they can't get anywhere else.

Newest Story

NEW STORY!  This profile of Avery Collins is a look into his approach to Ultra Running, how he views training and races. He shares what he has giving up to be a competitive races, and what he would give up to keep running. Avery also talks about his special connection to Colorado, the mountains, and how important living and training here has become to his success in running far.

Your Story

Do you have a story or know someone you think has a colorful story to tell? Does this story take place predominantly in Colorado? If so, we would like to hear from you! Please reach out to us, and give us a short description of your story and the people involved along with your contact information, and we will consider it for a future production!

Preview of our next story

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Benaiah Anderson - Sword Maker

The next story we will be releasing is on Benaiah Anderson. A Boulder-based swordmaker and actor. We are really excited to share this story and give you a little glimpse of what goes into making a sword here in Colorado!